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Sicily holiday farm

Sicily Holiday Farm

You have reached this page due to your search for Sicily holiday farm or Holiday Farm in Sicily using some search engine, and have therefore reached the right place!
Through its web page, the Taormina Etna District offers all the information necessary for your search for a Holiday Farm on Etna, to spend an unforgettable vacation in an area rich in history and culture, where quality cuisine is discovered along with a natural passion for traditions.

Review and reserve your Sicily Holiday Farm, after you check the schedule of Holiday Farms in Sicily, rich in information, found under the heading Holiday Farms

Holiday Farm in Sicily in winter, too

Make your vacation in Sicily a unique occasion: the Taormina Etna district actually offers numerous opportunities including after the hot summer season, because here in Sicily it is always vacation time! The snow-covered slopes of Etna really offer an unforgettable display, accompanied by a view of the Gulf of Taormina extending to the horizon, as you can enjoy the entire sports infrastructure for a top-quality skiing season. Come and find your Sicily Holiday Farm for a really wonderful winter vacation and for an unforgettable, wonderful experience!

Year-round, a Sicily Holiday Farm with outstanding offerings

One of the purposes of the Taormina Etna site is to facilitate online bookings, putting you in direct contact with tourism operators. Find your Sicily Holiday Farm with truly outstanding discounts in the section specially dedicated to Holiday Farms, where the many holiday farms can be searched by category, price, area and type.

Sicily will offer you an unforgettable vacation in a Sicily Holiday Farm!

Choose winter for a Sicily Holiday Farm

A holiday Farm is a Community, a Family and a Farm protecting the rural landscape and sharing the benefits. The “Snow Project” is an initiative by the Province of Catania, offering you the opportunity to spend your holiday in a Sicily Holiday Farm also during the winter season, including extra security for highway safety, activation of an ambulance service with a 4x4 ambulance located at the Sapienza shelter, and a set of interventions in case of incidents, or inconveniences on the ski slopes, with a crew of volunteer European Rangers together with the national alpine rescue squad. Find your Sicily Holiday Farm on in the Holiday Farms category.
Sicily holiday farm

Summer vacation in a Sicily Holiday Farm

Between Catania and Messina, along the skirts of the Europe’s largest active volcano, is the Taormina-Etna District, a top quality tourism and territorial reality that is rich in spectacular contrasts, perfect for your vacation in a Sicily holiday farm. From the cliffs of Etna and extending to the coast, 58 ancient municipalities spread in a sunburst pattern, characteristic of an ancient and marvelous land..

Sicily Holiday Farm

Sicily Holiday Farm: reserve your holidays or your weekend in a Sicily holiday farm. Select your preferred structure: Sicily holiday farm on tha taorminaetna portal is easy and fast. Ask for Information for all the structures farm holidays.

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